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  • Name: Slow Release Compound Fertilizer
  • Number: 1005
  • Added time: 2011-05-25
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Through years of research, the scientific researchers in the company has introduced advanced technology, adopted nanometer polymer materials and technology and produced slow release compound fertilizer with the following features:
1. Intelligent controlled release high technology, the most reasonable nutrient supply according requirement. The rapid-acting nutrients are released according to crop requirements. The release speed is basically conforming to crop fertilizer demand rules. It rapidly releases the nutrients in the front growing phase when crops require large amount of fertilizer. In the later phase, it releases the nutrients smoothly and ensures release according to requirements and sufficient nutrients in the later phase, achieving higher fertilizer utilization. The common coated fertilizer is coated with thick films and the nutrients can’t be released easily in the front growing phase. The lagged release can’t meet the requirement of crops for the nutrients in the front phase.
2. Complete coating degradation, safe and eco-friendly. The external coating can be completely degraded in the soil, free of residual, green and eco-friendly. It solves the difficult degradation and environment pollution of resin, sulphur and other coating materials in the soil.
3. Nanometer materials and technology. The external coating adopts water soluble nanometer materials and coating technology. As the key national 863 scientific achievement, it is initiated at home and abroad and the technology is top in the world.
4. Coating degradation product improves soil and promotes fertility. The degradation product of the external coating enters the organic and inorganic compounds in the soil, improves soil structure and the content of organic and inorganic compounds in the soil (organic and inorganic compound is the core of soil fertility), thus improving soil fertility.
5. The nitrogen in the coated fertilizer is basically remained the same and has better long-acting effect. As adopting water soluble nanometer materials and coating technology, the nitrogen is only reduced by 1-2% after coating. The slow release of the common coated fertilizer is achieved through the thickness of film, thus the nitrogen is reduced by 9-13% after coating.
6. Saving both labor and time, improving fertilizer utilization rate. It is effective once applied. The application amount is less than that of common fertilizer, reducing labor and cost. It will burn crops in the dry land and its utilization rate is improved by 20-30%.
7. Improving crop quality and output obviously. After application, it will make the crop robust and roots developed, enhance anti-draught and lodging resistance and improve crop quality, increasing output obviously.


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