Fraud Caution

Time:2023-02-24 Views:

Recently, a suspected fraud website was reported for attempt to carry out online cheating under the name of Luxi Group. Upon receiving the clue, we immediately reported to the public security organ and got their feedback on Feb 14th. Based on the notice from public security organ, we hereby declared as follows:

1. The only official Chinese website of our company is, and the only official English website is only official Chinese online shop is only English online shop is Our only customer service hotline is 400-700-0830.

2. The English website【】, as shown below, is a fraud one made by hacker gangs. The malicious fake website has no relation with our company.

3. We will take legal action against any illegal unit or individuals who commit fraud for money under the name of our company or by pretending to be our employees.

4. Please be vigilant and visit the real official websites. If you find any fraud behavior under the names of our company and our employees, please immediately contact us and report to the public security organizations.

5. We hereby warn the illegal units or individual who commit fraud under our name to immediately cease your illegal behavior, delete the illegal information including but not limited to the websites, refund the illegal income, and surrender to the public security organization.