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We regularly purchase top-grade processing equipments, electromechanical devices, electric instruments and other consumptive materials used in equipment manufacturing and chemical industry, including compressor, blower, air separator, centrifuge, roller, NC machine, valves, bearing, pressure switch, flow meter, content gage, etc. 

Bulk raw materials are also our routine procurement tasks,about chemical raw material, we purchase propylene (500,000tons/y), benzene(300,000tons/y), molten sulphur (200,000tons/y), coal (5milliontons/y), MOP(350,000tons/y), methanol (100,000tons/y), BPA(180,000tons/y) and some other chemcial raw materials

International Trade Dept. Purchase Division
Purchasing Manager
Mr. Paul ZUO
Address: New Chemical Materials Industrial Park, High Tech Industrial Development Zone of Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, China.