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Production Technology of Chlorosulfonic Acid

This process adopts MECS liquid phase synthesis technology which uses sulfur as raw material to produce sulfuric acid, nicotinic acid and SO3. Based on this technology, we optimized the process during design and construction, and independently developed fuming sulfuric acid absorption system and sulfur trioxide evaporation system, and optimized chlorosulfonic acid process. We reduce cost, save energy and upgrade facilities and product by improving hydrogen chloride purification, vent gas treatment, and choosing heat exchangers. Sulfuric acid and chlorosulfuric acid produced via this process are up to national standards.
This technology was recognized by Liaocheng Science and Technology Office as an internationally advanced technology and was awarded Third Prize for scientific and technological advancement by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.
This 100 KTA project covers an area of 5000 square meters and requires a construction period of 11 months. We could also construct chlorosulfonic acid plants of other capacities according to customers’ demand, such as 50 KTA and 80 KTA.
1. A type of cooling system for chlorosulfonic acid production (Patent No.: 200910230534.2)
2. A process and equipment to evaporate SO3 with SO3 burner gas as heat carrier (Patent No.: 201010011507.9)
3. A desulfuration device for chlorosulfonic acid and sulfuric acid production (Patent No.: 201020688941.6)
4. Two-stage absorption device for fuming sulfuric acid system (Patent No.: 201020003439.7)
5. A device of using superheated steam to produce acid from sulfur (Patent No.: 201020014429.3)
6. A structure of sulfur melting tank (Patent No.: 201020014422.1)