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Production Technology of Formic Acid

The formic acid production technology is optimized by us on the basis of absorbing advanced technology. In this process, carbon monoxide and methanol are synthesized in the presence of catalyst into methyl formate. Methyl formate is hydrolyzed to produce formic acid. All of the large producers of formic acid in the world such as BASF and Kemira also adopt this advanced technology. This technology has many advantages of less investment, simple process, mild reaction condition, reliable equipment, high automation, long operation cycle, low consumption, recycled reaction medium system and no pollutant emissions. Formic acid produced by this process has the advantage of high quality and stability, and the concentration could be adjusted between 80% ~ 98% (wt). With its quality higher than the China national standards (GB2093-2011), formic acid with Luxi brand is highly competitive in markets in China as well as in Europe and Southeast Asia.
Our 100 KTA formic acid facility is the largest production line in the world. It covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, and the construction period takes 15 months. Besides, we could also design, manufacture and install formic acid facilities with capacity below 100,000 tons to meet different requirements of customers.
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2. A recovery device of column overhead steam (Patent No: 201220571128.X) 
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