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Production Technology of Nitric Acid

The technology package of 270 KTA diluted nitric acid is provided by Tianjin Huajing New Technology Co., Ltd. The plant is designed by Liaocheng Luxi Chemical Engineering and Design Co., Ltd. and is constructed by Liaocheng Luxi Nitro-based Compound Fertilizer Co., Ltd., this technology is internationally advanced, and we have made adjustments in key equipment such as oxidation furnace and absorption tower. The key equipment oxidation furnace-waste heat boiler adopts Lamante Optimized Boiler; the absorption tower is set up to get cool through four segments instead of previous two segments. Through this adjustment we could improve the concentration of the diluted nitric acid to above 68 percent, and lower the concentration of the exhaust gas to lower than 100 ppm. Besides, we have adjusted and optimized setup of the whole equipment, which can save area of about 350 square meters compared with traditional one. We are the first to make this adjustment in domestic nitric acid industry. Exhaust gas cooler and separator are combined in up-and-down pattern, which not only solves the problem of non-uniform air entry into coolers but also saves investment and land coverage.
This 270 KTA facility covers an area of about 3500 square meters, and takes a construction period of 15 months. Besides, we could also undertake acid facilities with capacity below 270 KTA through EPC.