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Production Technology of Perchlorethylene

The perchlorethylene production technology was developed by introducing technology package from U.S. We absorbed advanced technology, and made breakthroughs in shortening the process, increasing the conversion rate, recycling energy, reducing consumption, saving energy and environmental protection, and innovated advanced production technology.
The raw material carbon tetrachloride is  piped into the chlorination reactor together with methyl chloride and chlorine, these chemicals react at under 600℃ and 0.17 MPa. This technology is mainly employed by plants using low carbon hydrocarbons (1-4 carbon atoms) as raw material to product perchlorethylene. It is significant to run together with methane chlorides facilities to dispose the by-product carbon tetrachloride of methane chloride and to develop circular economy. It has advantages of less investment, environment-friendly, saving energy, simple process, long operation cycle, less pollution, low production cost etc. Perchlorethylene produced by this process meet China national standard GB/T 4119-2008.
This 20 KTA facility covers an area of about 5000 square meters, and the construction period is 16 months. We could also increase production capacity to meet any requirements of customers.
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